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"The invisible made visible".

Emma in Alpha is a French visual artist, based in Paris.

Originally known as Emmanuel Giraud and working in the field of fashion photography shooting for brands, magazines and celebrities over the last 20 years, Emma in Alpha was born from the urge to express personal introspections using the photographic medium without commercial compromises.

His work questions the definition of reality as a way to define our identity and where do we project our consciousness. Using light as a brush, mixed with long exposures, he alters the physical time and creates almost painted artwork, flirting between the real and the surreal.

Beyond his photographic projects, Emma also creates art pieces where his photographs undergo several phases of transformation in the making, proving that the essence of consciousness can be reflected no matter how many transformations are involved in the process. Photographs are deliberately converted from digital to film, submerged into wax, or even elevated using black and gold oil paint or ink, to challenge the photographic medium and its original reading. The use of pigments and sound vibrations is another chosen way to draw without a brush with the intention to raise our focus between the visible and the invisible that can become the receptacle of our consciousness.

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